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Choose from a one day intensive workshop or a four week course and learn the whole Hormone Yoga Therapy sequence. Within the workshop or a course you will also learn several anti-stress and calming exercises, different types of breathing techniques and yoganidras. After attending the course you will have all the knowledge to practice then at home. To get good results Hormone Yoga Therapy needs to be practiced regularly, ideally 3-4x a week depending on your symptoms. To find yout who could benefit from HYT please have a look here

This  holistic treatment will bring you vitality and health by eliminating symptoms of unbalanced hormones. The series is dynamic and it leads to quick results with regular practice. No previous yoga experience is needed. Once learnt it takes 30 minutes to practice.

Next workshops:

  • 26th of January 2020 - one day intesive workshop at Fitzrovia Community Centre in London 9am - 5:30pm, £195
  • 9th of February 2020 - one day intesive workshop at Yogafurie, Bristol from 9am - 5:30pm, £125
  • 7th of March 2020 - one day intesive workshop at Yanley Court, Long Asthon, Bristol from 9am - 5pm, £125
Within the course or a workshop you will learn the whole sequence of HYT plus some anti-stress, calming exercises and yoganidras. The price also includes all study materials and follow up after the course.
Please get in touch in case you are interested in attending a workshop and do not find a suitable one here. I am always planning more workshop so it is useful to know your day/time preference.


Laura: It was really interesting to experience, that over Xmas, (and out of my usual exercise routine) I didn't manage to practice my yoga, resulting in a heightened bout of hot flushes and grumpiness!  I really DO believe it works. The HYT has definitely helped with the hot flushes. I aim for 3 times a week, but probably average just twice, but even so, when I go through a "hot flush" phase, I have noticed it doesn't last as long and I return to sleep much more easily. If I could average 3 or 4 times a week, then I anticipate the results would be even better. It has proved to be a fantastic workout and among other things has strengthened my back, which I was struggling with for many years.
Amy: I am really enjoying my yoga practice, it is helping with everything from my digestion to my sleep, I love it!
Sophie: "I completed an HYT workshop with Andrea to try to rebalance my hormonal cycle after my period disappeared for over 6 months with no explanation. Within 3 weeks of practising HYT every other day my bleed returned!  HYT has been great for me, helping improve my mood and energy as well as balancing my hormones.  I would recommend it to any woman struggling with hormonal imbalances."
Luisa: I have not had my period for 5 months and the day after attending Andrea’s workshop my period was back and is regular since then.
Lydie: Thanks to Hormone Yoga Therapy I no longer need to be on medication for hypothyroidism. I was on Levothyroxin for 25years, struggled with tiredness, low levels of energy, falling hair, weight gain but Hormone Yoga Therapy helped me enormously. I practice it regularly 5x a week and for a year now I did not have to take the medication anymore.
Hana: After 2 years of treating my infertility, several IVFs and loads of hormones injections I gave up all the medicine and decided to find an alternative treatment. I was recommended Hormone Yoga Therapy and attended the intensive workshop. I practiced regularly 5x a week for 3 months but then went on holidays and my practice was not as regular anymore. After a month getting back into my practice I found out I am pregnant!
Petra: Hormone Yoga Therapy is amazing! No more hot flushes and tiredness. I feel full of energy and my overall health has improved significantly. I even managed to lose some weight and my trousers definitely fit better.
Veronika: After a long struggle with anxiety and depression I finally feel good thanks to Hormone yoga therapy. Antidepressants made me feel even worse. My relationship with my husband was getting worse as the negative side effects of the antidepressants worsened (low libido, irregular periods etc). Someone recommended HYT to me and I started with a regular practice (every day). My mood has improved significantly. I feel happy and full of energy. My relationship with my husband is blossoming and sex has never been better. Thank you so much!

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